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About Sinda Corporation


Our Company Philosophy

We evolved  business with a belief that our business partners can prosper with us together back in the 90s.  No matter what challenges and difficulties they have faced, we are always here for them with a helping hand. From understanding the corporate needs to the individual needs , we then have expanded our business into a variety of areas solving issues for our clients. Before then, we were just a retailer trading goods in Germany and Poland.

Now we are a group of companies with logistics, commercial real estate lettings, business consulting, offshore and onshore company formation and management, trademark reg, freight forwarding and so on. Together, we prosper with our clients -this relationship is built on trust, respect and hard work.

Our Company Values 

Cost-effective -Being cost effective is all about keeping an eye out for expenses and saving money but not compromising on quality is the key to success

We Are global– Our great team come from the world with all employees understanding local knowledge, experience and skills

Entrepreneurial Spirt– Our team assume they are not employees of our company but each running their own business. This ensures that they look into business issues from your perspective. Not only are we looking to help you succeed in your home market , but also help your business expand into other parts of the world.

Commitment to Our Clients – we believe that prospering with our clients together is an advantage for us , and we are committed to helping our clients succeed locally and globally.

About Sinda Corporation

We have more than 10 offices across the world, with each office specialising in an area of expertise for business. We are proud of being local, having a workforce that has mostly lived, studied and worked in major European and Asian cities. We believe that integrating business with local elements make business even stronger, prosperous and international.

What We Do

We are a group of companies based in Europe and Asia advising clients on doing business globally. We set up firms, advise on international trade issues , assist them  with immigration, property,  education issues,offshore and onshore company formation and management,  provide warehousing, customs clearance and delivery and freight bookings Most importantly,catering to the needs  of our corporate and individuals clients  is our top priority in our business.  In addition, we provide China-focused advisory services for foreign businesses doing business in the country more easily and accesssible. By becoming a client of ours, please rest assured that we help your business prosper not only from a corporate perspective, but from an individual perspective as well.

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