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Tips on how to sell to China

China’s consumer market, the world’s biggest, has proven to be the most difficult for foreign companies to set a foot on, given the fact that the lack of knowledge in the Chinese people and Chinese…

By Sinda

May 2, 2019

The advantages of having an offshore company

The meaning of offshore means that companies are registered in the offshore jurisdiction, but the investors neither live or do business there physically. The business operations rather can be directly carried out anywhere in the…

By Sinda

April 14, 2019

How to set up an offshore company

More often, we receive a number of queries from our clients in regards to setting up an onshore company. Some wonder if they might need a Bachelor Degree, others are curious if they’d need to…

By Sinda

April 10, 2019

Get Ready for China ?

Very Often we get queries from our clients all over the world , especially in the West, on how to do business in China or with China. The country has never been close to the…

By Jarvous

March 15, 2019

Our commericial letting event held in China in 2016

In 2016, our Chinese offices held a letting event attracting potential businesses to rent our offices , warehouses and shops at our logistics facility in Warsaw,Poland. This was attended by hundreds of Chinese businesses from…

By Sinda

December 10, 2018

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