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SINDA CORPORATION BUSINESS MATCHING is a customised service committed to helping businesses and individuals find the most suitable and qualified business partners. Our business matching service ensures that the highest quality results are delivered:

We are dedicated to creating valued business opportunities for buyers, suppliers, IP holders, and possible agents.

We are dedicated to improving the accuracy of business matching to the right partner(s). Having said that, our system matches your profile against more than 12,000 companies on our database, enabling that the most suitable partner(s) are found.

We break our business matching services into the following steps:

1.We send you a list of questionnaire outlining your requirements

2.We then match your requirements and company profile to the most appropriate companies on file.
3.The next stage is we liaise with them on your behalf and answer any questions they might have. 
4.Once this stage has been complete, we will then introduce the parties to you to communicate further in the form of an online meeting, by phone, by email or any methods at your choice. 
5.We will broker a business deal for you between you and the prospective parties.
6.We will assist further on our end if there is anything we could do for you to hammer out a deal.
7.If you are not happy with the prospective businesses we have matched for you, we will continue to match you to further businesses until you are 100% satisfied. 
Why Choose us for business matching?
We, SINDA CORPORATION, have built a reputation amongst our clients, typically those in doing business in Europe and Asia, that we assist them with finding the right partner(s) to boost sales. 
What you will receive from our business matching?

What’s included

  • We guarantee 3 pre-screened potential business partners for your order within 1 week after submission. If you are not happy with the chosen potential businesses, we will then keep matching your profile to further potential businesses until you are satisfied with your requirements. 
  • Full contact details, full company profiles, industry matching, the recommendation of the companies and reason behind the selection
  • Advice on business strategy with potential partners, including pricing, quantity, quality, payment methods, shipping methods and risk assessment
  • Meeting arrangements(in-person meeting/ teleconference meeting)
  • Services/ Products matching for your selection
  • 24/7 online and offline customer care
  • Complimentary trade advice available
  • intermediary services in relation to products/services
  • Global Supply Chain Advice
  • Lifetime Client support and Advice after you have purchased services from us
    *You can place an order for business matching services here online
    *The purpose of business matching services is always to find you the right businesses and individuals to purchase your goods and services.

    Our contact details:

    Online Chat: 24/7

    Please refer to our website for details of our local offices.

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