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We evolved business with a belief that our business partners can prosper with us together back in the 90s. No matter what challenges and difficulties they have faced, we are always here for them with a helping hand. From understanding the corporate needs to the individual needs, we then have expanded our business into a variety of areas solving issues for our clients. Before then, we were just a retailer of trading goods in Germany and Poland.


Now we are a group of companies based in Europe and Asia with a focus on providing business services, including company formation, bank account opening, company secretarial services and virtual office services. We also provide auxiliary services such as online business matching services, online education services, trademark registration services, business consulting services and immigration services, in support of our main business.

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Our Values

Cost-effective -Being cost-effective is all about keeping an eye out for expenses and saving money but not compromising on quality is the key to success

We Are global– Our great team come from the world with all employees understanding local knowledge, experience and skills

Entrepreneurial Spirit– Our team assumes they are not employees of our company but each running their own business. This ensures that they look into business issues from your perspective. Not only are we looking to help you succeed in your home market, but also help your business expand into other parts of the world.

Commitment to Our Clients – we believe that prospering with our clients together is an advantage for us, and we are committed to helping our clients succeed locally and globally. When you have purchase services from us, we can confirm that we provide life-time advice on them. We believe this will provide peace of mind to all of our Clients.

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Why Choose Us

We are committed to helping our clients succeed in their business in the long term, listening to their needs, looking out for their opportunities and expanding their operations globally.

We are also committed to providing all services to our clients with the best quality at a fixed, relatively low cost, as we understand the trading environment has proven to be difficult in the past few years, amid trade uncertainty within major economic powers.

Our team takes pride in their mindful approach to resolving issues for our clients, especially in the context of global operations. We identify what you need, then provide you with a solution that suits your business, even find solutions for issues our clients might not have to be aware of in the first place.

We are global, having had offices in more than 10 countries and territories. We are here to help you thrive locally and globally, together we succeed as a family.

The Most Important Reasons to Choose Sinda Corporation and Its Group of Companies


We are 24/7 for customer care, no matter what services you have purchased from us, we are always here to help!


We are cost-effective; not only do we make our services more affordable but also we think about your business from a cost perspective in the long term, that means we make a business plan for your business to prosper in the most cost-effective way.


We are based all over the world, that means we know your business needs and speak your languages.


We always listen to our clients and think about their business from the circumstances they face.


We care about our people and have invested a lot in human capital, which means you have the most experienced staff to look after your business.


We simplify the way how individuals and companies purchase services online, having a comprehensive website that has an online payment system, an online order platform and online customer support.


We welcome business partnerships with companies around the world, if you have an idea of cooperation, please do let us know.


We charge a one-off fee for our services, including any lifetime support on all services you have purchased from us. Take, for example, if you set up an offshore company with us and open a corporate bank account for this, we will give you advice on day-to-day company management, account maintenance and give you the best options for you and your family to thrive, both economically and socially.

What We Do

We, Sinda Corporation, started out back in the 90s in Europe as a wholesale trader trading consumer goods in the wake of post-communism, where essential goods,  such as footwear shoes, clothes, electronic devices and furniture, were scarce. We believe business opportunities can be sought after, and developed.

Over the past 20 years, we have gradually expanded into other sectors, where we believe there has been business value,  for example, the provision of business services to corporate and private clients.

What we are different from other services providers is: We are close to the heart of Asia, especially to the Greater China Region, which includes, mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan. We also have developed good working relationships with Companies Registies , banks and other regulators for our Clients to facilitate global business expansion. Our Advisors are 24/7 for you to provide any customised solutions based on your needs and requirements.

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Industries We Work With

We actually work with all industries within the economy , so we can delete this section and use a brief introduction of saying:”We work with businesses and individuals in all sectors of the economy, with a focus on the outward-looking business eager to expand overseas”.

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