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Why Sinda Corporation?

Our objective has already been facilitating trade in the world. We work with a variety of individuals and companies from all around the world. We believe you will utilise your potential when working with great people in a diverse culture that can make you learn from others. We are committed to increasing workplace diversity. You’ll have the opportunity to learn from your colleagues, managers, subordinates, business partners, all of whom come from different backgrounds and will guide you to be successful in your career.

Our Offices Cover 10 Countries And Territories

Our offices span from Europe to Asia, most of which are directly managed by ourselves and a small number of which in partnership with our local partners.

The excitement of working in our local offices in Europe and Asia will broaden your horizon, give you a chance to explore the world by getting to know people and make you feel like home, regardless of how far you are working away from home. You will have the opportunity to interact with our people from our local offices, to share your experience with them and to learn from them in the long term.

Our People

At Sinda Corporation, we believe our most valuable asset is our people. We share the belief of developing their talent and bringing them to the full potential. We provide global training to them on a regular basis and are pleased to see them succeed.

We also believe the key to our success is our people often share their extinguished views with us towards a project.

When you have a project with us, we will then assign you to a project manager who will communicate with you throughout until you are fully satisfied with the work you have received.


Please see the information provided in this section for any vacancies available. You’ll need a CV and a cover letter with the post you are applying for. If you are ready to make an application, please send the supporting documentation to

Job Listings

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Hiring Professional Introducer GloballyDetails >professional-introducerworldwide
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