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We incorporate offshore companies in most jurisdictions. The understanding of the most appropriate company type is essential for us to determine your business circumstances and to tailor the most suitable solution for you.

How Our Company Formation* Works

  1. Select the country/territory for your proposed offshore company
  2. Add add-on services to your order (if needed)
  3. Submit your order and pay the relevant fees
  4. You can state your specific/additional requests on the order notes of the order form, once you have selected the main services/additional services
  5. Submit your ID/relevant documents to us @
  6. We process your order within 24 hours after receipt of your order
  7. We will email the relevant documents to you for signing for incorporation and providing other services
  8. We will notify you once the proposed company is set up and post the original documents to you by post Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us @Sinda Corporation
  9. After-sales/customer service/business advice  will be  provided throughout
  10. You can always purchase add-on services without the need to incorporate a company with us
  11. Please click here which directs you to the order page
    *Our Company Formation is being operated out of our offices in Hong Kong and London, United Kingdom, which are the two major hubs within our group of companies providing business services to our clients worldwide.

Global Payment Solutions

Our Payment Solution Fees* Include the following:

  1. Pre-screen the application paperwork
  2. Make suggestions to existing documents
  3. We will provide Alipay, WeChat accounts, and internationally-recognised traditional payment accounts  with your business
  4. Liaise with the relevant party for integration including banks, developers, clients and customers
  5. Full support for after-sale 365 days a year, including advice on account maintenance
  6. Assist with compliance issues 365 days a year for both accounts
  7. Send you all coding, API, etc and coordinate work with your team
  8. Testing the integrated systems
  9. After-sale/customer service/business advice will be provided throughout
    *Our Payment Solution Fees can be viewed on the order page. The Payment Solution Fees are a one-off charge for us to integrate the payment system with your e-commerce platforms.

Incorporation Fees* Include the following:

  1. Government registration fees
  2. Certificate of incorporation
  3. Memorandum & Articles of Association
  4.  Share certificates
  5. First minute
  6. Company register
  7. Preparing and filing of the first company confirmation statement
    *Our Incorporation Fees include the costs for us to provide the set up of a Company at your choice in the form of a package we offer. As one of the world’s leading business services companies, we are proud of being digital, meaning all of our company services can be ordered and processed online.

The First Year Fees * include the following:

1.Annual license and government fee for the first year
2.Provision of registered agent
3.Provision business registered address for the first year
4.Company kit including one pre-inked signature stamp, common seal, copies of memorandum and articles of association sent to your address by courier
5.Preparation of the first set of documents in respect of setting up the company, 6.Drafting M&A, first board minutes for the appointment of director&Secretary
7.Courier Cost
8.Client care/advice throughout  management
9.Set up statutory records
10.Maintenance of the statuary records
11.Correspondence between our firm and clients
12.Any services related to compliance of the companies managed

*The First Year Fees are payable upon filling in the application form online for the incorporation of a Company or/and the application of business bank account(s).

Our fees* for  private and business bank account applications include

  • 1.Service fee
  • 2.Compliance application fee payable to Banks
  • 3.Preparation of legal and regulatory documents for bank account opening
  • 4.Courier Fee
  • 5.Lifetime Customer Support/business advice/advisory support 24/7
  • 6.Certified documents as an authorised agent
  • 7.Complimentary advice on account review ,if any
  • 8.Complimentary document templates for business
  • 9.Negotiating with the bank on behalf of clients
    Our fees for opening a business bank account are payable when placing an order on our website.

Our Virtual Office Fees* include

  1. A well-trained English-speaking Receptionist in London, UK answering and greeting calls from your clients with your business name and a prepared message
  2. .24/7 trade advice 
  3. 24/7 company advice
  4. Mailing services(scanning only) 
  5. A website hosting 
  6. Three business email addresses
  7. A business website domain
    *Our Virtual Offices Fees include all services listed above for a year, 365 days. If you are looking to purchase the services for a minimum of 6 months, 180 days, please proceed with the order and we will then get in touch for a partial refund once your order has been confirmed. 

Why do you need our services* for company formation and bank account opening?

  1. We are equipped to scour the market for you, looking for the right jurisdiction to suit your offshore business needs
  2. We are professionally trained to give you advice on the selection of offshore banks that suit your business or individual needs
  3. We are aware of the laws and regulations in most jurisdictions  that are changing in the competitive business environment
  4. We have a panel of banks that are able to with offer banking services in unusual circumstances of our clients, say, for example, business operating in multi-jurisdictions
  5. We offer full guidance and support throughout the incorporation and bank account opening process, as well as after the company is fully incorporated and bank accounts up and running. We act as your advocate with offshore jurisdictions and banks, making your offshore business less stressful
  6. We are able to secure better deals for you from banks
  7. We understand your requirements, specially customised solutions, in the jurisdictions we operate the business
  8. We are responsive and attentive to any of your queries
  9. We are proud of locally knowing your businesses/markets
    *Our services are provided in our offices in Hong Kong and London, United Kingdom, which are the two major offices within our group of Companies providing business services to our clients.
  • Offshore Company Formation

    We incorporate offshore companies in most jurisdictions. The understanding of the most appropriate company type is essential and the minimisation of any risks and the maximisation of business growth are the keys for you to succeed in global business.

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