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Why choose us

We are committed to helping our clients succeed in their business in the long term, listening to their needs, looking out for their opportunities and expanding their operations globally.

We are also committed to providing all services to our clients with the best quality at a fixed, relatively low cost, as we understand the trading environment has proven to be difficult in the past few years, amid trade uncertainty within major economic powers.

Our team takes pride in their mindful approach to resolving issues for our clients, especially in the context of global operations. We identify what you need, then provide you with a solution that suits your business, even find solutions for issues our clients might not have to be aware of in the first place.

We are global, having had offices in more than 10 countries and territories. We are here to help you thrive locally and globally, together we succeed as a family.

The Most Important Reasons to Choose Sinda Corporation and Its Group of Companies

  1. We are 24/7 for customer care, no matter what services you have purchased from us, we are always here to help!
  2. We are cost-effective; not only do we make our services more affordable but also we think about  your business  from a cost perspective in the long term, that means we make a business plan for your business to prosper in the most cost-effective way
  3. We are based all over the world, that means we know your business needs and speak your languages
  4. We always listen to our clients and think about their business from the circumstances they face
  5. We care about our people and have invested a lot in human capital, which means you have the most experienced staff to look after your business.
  6. We simplify the way how individuals and companies purchase services online, having a comprehensive website that has an online payment system, an online order platform and online customer support.
  7. We welcome business partnerships with companies around the world, if you have an idea of cooperation, please do let us know.
  8. We charge a one-off fee for our services, including any lifetime support on all services you have purchased from us. Take, for example, if you set up an offshore company with us and open a corporate bank account for this, we will give you advice on day-to-day company management, account maintenance and give you the best options for you and your family to thrive, both economically and socially.

Our Clients

We work with a wide range of corporations and individuals, notably SMEs, multinationals and young entrepreneurs who have a business anywhere in the world and who need a solution to expand their business globally. Our sophisticated business experience in the countries and regions we operate in allows us to understand the needs and requirements that suit your business. Being in business across the world gives us an edge over managing cross-cultural differences when doing business.

Our Promise

Global Footprint
Dedicated Staff
Long Term Success


What Our Clients Say About Us

"Sinda Corporation has helped our company to engage with China, which is a critical market for us to enter into They formed a wholly-owned company in Shanghai for us, applied for the necessary licenses and advised us on the import procure of our wine.
They also helped us connect to a number of potential Chinese clients for cooperation. We are really grateful to them for the services received. We highly recommend Sinda Corporation to anyone interested in doing business abroad.
Thanks to the staff at Sinda Corporation "

Katherine B Allens

Business Owner



"Had got in touch 2 months ago for setting up a business in Canada and receiving business consulting on exports to the country and received a business proposal on the same day. The services covered in the proposal were very detailed. Cheers"

Charlotte Williams

Tech Investor

"Good service,
Helpful and provide professional service.
Recommend :)"

Reeve Tan

CEO and Founder

"5-star services"

Scott Davies

Company Director


"We approached Sinda Corporation for advice on how to set up a company in the Cayman Islands for us to do business in foreign countries. We were happy the process with the process because the team always responded to our emails within 6 hours."

Kong Jie



"We had contacted them for forming a company in the BVI and decided to go ahead after being given detailed information and procedures on the jurisdiction. The process went well without a hitch- we were constantly updated on the case throughout, and all our communication was replied to within a few hours on weekdays. Many thanks!"

Helen Morrison



"We asked them to form a Hong Kong company for our regional headquarters in the Asia-Pacific region, the time for this was very quick, less than 2 working days. We have now decided to ask them to manage the company for us and will be working with them to expand our business into China."

Dan Laude


"As a logistics provider to Sinda Corporation, we have built a long term partnership that is mutually beneficial. They help us tap into the Chinese market, reach out to our Chinese customers and intermediate business between us and the Chinese. Without their assistance, we cannot image directly engaging with foreign companies, there are issues that arise from trading with a trader overseas you do not know about."

Maciek Tomasky

"We always love working with Sinda Corporation on trade issues, they understand the market better than most people who have never set up a company overseas. We always listen to their advice on import and export and they have done an amazing job in helping us export to China."

Jack Edwards

"Our company has been seeking opportunities abroad and Sinda Corporation has been great in facilitating that. We first set up a limited company in Germany and they helped us with all the paperwork needed for incorporation and visa applications. Most importantly, they understand the cross-border cultural differences when it comes to doing business with foreigners and we have sought their advice when trading in the EU. We are grateful to them as a company and look forward to working with them in the long term."

Ye Pinghe
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