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How Business Matching Services Work

How Business Matching Services Work

What’s business matching ?

Business matching is a customised service that connects your business or your business ideas with individuals and companies that share the same business interests. It is a targeted virtual business meeting service that provides an opportunity that involves more than you and the interested party. We, as the business matching services provider, act as the intermediary with the ultimate goal of trying to broker a business deal.

What do our business matching services cover?

Our business matching services cover the following services:

Act as the intermediary between you and the interested party(s)

Liaise with all the relevant parties including you with the intention of brokering a business deal

We guarantee 3 pre-screened potential business partners for your order within 1 week after submission. 

Full contact details, full company profiles, industry matching, the recommendation of the companies and reason behind the selection

Advice on business strategy with potential partners, including pricing, the quantity, quality, payment methods, shipping methods and risk assessment

Meeting arrangements(in-person meeting/ teleconference meeting)

Services/ Products matching for your selection

24/7 online and offline customer care

Complimentary trade advice available

intermediary services in relation to products/services

Global Supply Chain Advice

Lifetime Client support and Advice after you have purchased services from us

Advising on the way of finding interested parties for your products and services 

Advising on the way of sourcing your intellectual property to companies/ individuals 

advising on the way of selling your intellectual property to companies /individuals 

Why are we different from other business matching services providers?

In a virtual environment, especially in the current climate of COVID-19 in which almost all physical events are not allowed owing to government regulations. Online business matching services have proven to be cost-effective and efficient when finding the right business partners.

The benefits of subscribing to our business matching services 

1 make connections with any potentially interested parties

2 showcase your products/services to the right businesses and individuals

3 build trust

4 generate business income

5 establish partnership

6 research into foreign markets

Our database has more than 10,000 companies and more than 5,000individual business owners spanning a wide range of industries. We are confident that we will be matching your requirements to the right business partners so you could benefit from selling goods and services in more than 150 countries and territories, where most of our business partners are based in. 

If you like to subscribe to our business matching services, please click here

Once received your order, we will then process it within 24 hours. Within 5 working days, you will be receiving the most three suitable companies /individuals that match your requirements/business profile.

Any questions, please chat with us online during working hours or please drop us an email at 

We will be responding to your email(s) within 24 hours upon receipt.

Notice to our clients:

We wish all of our clients the best of luck for your business in the currently difficult environment of COVID-19. We endeavor to help our clients keep generating revenue online even if all businesses have badly been affected by the pandemic. 

Our contact details:

Online Chat: 24/7

Please refer to our website for details of our local offices.

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