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Why do you need an offshore bank account

The requirements for opening an offshore bank account are as the same as applying for a bank in your home country. An offshore bank account allows you to move funds globally with a bunch of…

By Sinda

March 2, 2020

Starting a business in the UK

Given the historical links between the UK and the rest of the world, especially the Commonwealth, many firms in the region have started to invest in Europe using a UK company as headquarters, despite Brexit…

By Sinda

February 3, 2020

Registering a company in the BVI

The BVI is known for its efficiency of tax and company structure, with two-thirds of offshore BVI companies using the islands for corporate structuring. There has been a combination of reasons why investors have chosen…

By Jarvous

January 31, 2020

How to place an order on our websites @ Sinda Corporation

We, as a leading business services provider, form companies,  advise on international trade issues, apply for immigration applications,  seeking the best education options, manage and form offshore and onshore companies, supply warehousing, customs clearance, and…

By Sinda

January 19, 2020

Our Services- Sinda Corporation

About Sinda Corporation  We are a global services provider and a group of companies based in Europe and Asia advising clients on doing business globally. We set up firms, advise on international trade issues, assist…

By Sinda

November 11, 2019

Our Logistics Business in Europe and Asia

Welcome to Sinda Corporation, a leading global business freight forwarder with a local presence. Customers are always, at the heart of our company, creating values for them would be our priority to serve. We have…

By Jarvous

October 2, 2019

Setting up in Hong Kong | Invest in HK

Hong Kong has always been the gateway for Western companies setting foot on the Chinese market. The territory is located at the southern tip of China, more especially in the southwestern of mainland China. It…

By Sinda

July 26, 2019

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