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Benefits Of Setting Up A Company And Opening A Bank Account  In Switzerland

Benefits of setting up a company and opening a bank account in Switzerland

Swiss is one of the wealthiest countries in Europe, having ranked purchasing power among the world’s highest. The country is renowned for its famous world-class financial system and pristine mountains and creeks. Also, the taxation system in the country is also Europe’s lowest, contributing to continued economic growth. The Swiss government operates an economic system outside the influence of the EU, although the bloc is the country’s biggest trading partners.

Here we have concluded a list of benefits why you should have a Swiss company for headquarters or family trust purposes:


In general, It is taxed at 7.7 %, though some services and products are taxed at a mere rate of 2.5% which includes

  • Foodstuffs (except alcoholic beverages)
  • Cattle, poultry, fish
  • Seeds, living plants, cut flowers
  • Grains
  • Animal feed and fertilizer
  • Medications
  • Newspapers, magazines, books and other printed products without advertising character of the kinds to be stipulated by the Federal Council
  • Services of radio and television companies (exception: the normal rate applies for services of a commercial nature)

2.  Income tax

Different Cantons (Equivalent of States) set out the different rate of income tax, however, most of which is relatively low compared to EU member states.

Here’s the income tax rate from some of the Cantons in Switzerland

Bern 6.5%

Zurich 13%

Geneva Approx 17%

Obwalden 1.8%

3. Property Tax

Most cantons collect property tax between 0.3% to 0.5% which is among Europe’s lowest.

4 Corporate Tax

Corporate tax is based on net profit generated from the income statement. On the Federal level, a flat rate of 8.5% is levied while most Cantons give permissions to companies abroad for registering as a holding company. In other words, if you are a foreign company registered as a holding company in Switzerland, that you are exempt from the corporate profit tax levied by the Cantonal authorities.

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