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UK Corporation Tax Charge Goes Up To 25% From April 2023 Onwards

UK Corporation Tax Charge Goes up to 25% from April 2023 onwards

Background Information on UK Corporation Tax Change 

In October 2022, the UK Government proposed changes to the UK Corporation Tax rate from 1 April 2025. The proposal is aimed at increasing the main rate from 19% to 25%. In the same time, the Government is seeking to protect the small and medium sized enterprises from the hike, the standard small profits rate is re-enforced so small businesses with small profits pay the Corporation Tax rate a lower rate.

Current Corporation Rate effective from 1st April 2023 onwards

The Corporation Tax charge and main rate for Financial Year 2022 that covered the period was from 1 April 2022 to 31 March 2023.Effectively from 1 April 2023, the Corporation Tax charge, main rate and small profits rate for Financial Year 2023 will go up from 19% to 25%.

On the other hand, for small businesses with a profit less than GBP 50,000, the Corporation Tax rate will continue to be charged at 19%. For businesses with a profit over GBP50,000 but less than GBP 250,000 , the Taxman is calculating the Corporation Tax rate 25% with a marginal tax relief calculation , the details of which are the following:

Applicable Profit Bands for Corporation  Tax rate
GBP0 to GBP50,000 19%
GBP50,000 to GBP249,999 26.5%
Over GBP 250,000 25%

Who can claim Marginal Relief

companies  may be able to claim Marginal Relief if its taxable profits from 1 April 2023 are between:

GBP50,000 (the lower limit)
GBP 250,000 (the upper limit)

Who cannot claim Marginal Relief

Companies cannot claim Marginal Relief with any of the the following conditions:

A non-UK resident company
A close investment holding company
your company profits (including distributions from unrelated, unassociated companies) go over £250,000


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